What is SUP on Lake Superior’s Shoreline

Posted: August 27, 2013 by Maggie Barnard
Photo courtesy of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply - Blog written and submitted by Jack Stone of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply:

Whether you are driving northeast out of Duluth or southwest from Thunder Bay, you can't help but notice the miles of Lake Superior shoreline as you come into Grand Marais. You can see the fishing boats trying their luck and the sea kayaks paddling along. Sometimes there are even a few hardy surfers on that vast shoreline. Wait a minute--did I say surfers? Well, yes I did, but their surfing is limited to those cold, windy days when the great lake is angry--not great conditions for us regular folks.

In Cook County we don't have a consistent heavy surf out on the big lake, but many have found the enjoyment of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) close to shore and in her bays and harbors. We also have many, many inland lakes where you can go with your boards.

Photo courtest of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply

When my grand kids come up to visit, this is what they beg to do. One weekend on Bearskin Lake they spent hour after hour paddling with three or four on the board. One paddled his mother around the lake. They used it for a diving platform or just floating around.

What can an adult do besides getting an exhilarating core workout? People are using them for fishing and racing. The more adept paddle boarders challenge themselves with fancy footwork, turns and even yoga. But I think the greatest thing is the solitude in the middle of a northern lake, quietly gliding through the water, watching the loons on the lake and the wildlife on the shoreline. It just does not get any better than this.

Photo courtesy of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply

If you are looking to try out, rent or buy a SUP, check in with Clearwater Lake Lodge on the Gunflint Trail or Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply in Grand Marais.


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