Finding your inner warmth – Hygge Season

Posted: January 6, 2017 by Kjersti Vick

Finding your inner warmth - Hygge Season

Cross Country Skiing Cook County, MNThe Thrillist recently ranked Minnesota #1 in its list of every state, ranked by how miserable its winters are. Please, not to name names, but I think we can think of several worse places. With almost 6 million Minnesota proud residents, we know it’s not all bad. Sure, reading the thermometer on a frigid below zero morning can be disheartening, but temps ain’t nothing but a number. With our guidance, the proper attire, and a good attitude - winter might even become your favorite time of the year.

  1. 4.) Layers are a Minnesotan’s best friend. While cotton is great for keeping you cool in the summer months, there are only four words you need to know to survive winter: merino wool base layers. Wearing the right kind of garment underneath your outerwear will keep you nice and toasty no matter the wind-chill.

  2. 2017 Two Island Campground - Alti Hok ski - model Jenny Lamb - photo by Kjersti Vick3.) Sun’s out, you’re out. Staying inside day after day is a surefire way to sour even the most optimistic soul on winter. Even though the thermometer reads well below zero, getting out for a daily dose of Vitamin D is critical. Going for a ski, snowshoe, hike, snowmobile ride, or ice fishing will do wonders for your mental well-being even if it is just for a short bit. So layer up and get out!

  3. 2.) Get out at night. It’s easy to lose motivation once the sun goes down, but don’t let the cold stop you. Catch some live music. Do a little stargazing (and maybe even northern lights?!) and if an opportunity for a moonlight ski arises – do it! Gliding through the sparkling boreal forest is a bucket list must.

  4. 1.) Hygge like there is no tomorrow. Hygge is the ritual of embracing life’s simple pleasures. Feeling relaxed, cozy and surrounded by the warmth of family, friends and fire. So go ahead, have a second cup of hot chocolate today, you’ve earned it!

Finding Warmth 2017 with Made In MNYou've heard our suggestions for finding warmth, what are yours? How do YOU find warmth in winter? For the rest of the month we are partnering with Made In Minnesota to discuss ways of generating warmth. Please join the discussion on Instagram at @MakeItMinnesota or @DoNorthMN or with #MakeItMN_DoNorthMN

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