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Why Worry - Voyageur Brewing Co.

Saturday, June 3, 2017 - All Day

Voyageur Brewing Co.
233 W. Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604

Why Worry? is the musical duo of Bob and Glenda Niemiec. Both Glenda and Bob have been playing music since childhood. Bob started out taking music lessons and playing the accordion when he was 10. At 13, Bob traded his accordion for a bass guitar and began his journey into rock and roll. He then moved on to acoustic guitar, which he’s been playing ever since. Bob plays guitar (acoustic, 12-string, and electric), bass, banjo, mandolin, accordion, keyboards, harmonica and percussion.

Glenda started her musical journey at 9, taking lessons and playing the piano. She moved on to flute and played in the marching and concert bands at Auburn (AL) H.S. She took a long hiatus from playing music until joining in with Bob to form Why Worry?. She plays flute, piccolo, tin whistles, melodica, keyboards and percussion. Both Glenda and Bob share the vocal duties in the group.

Why Worry? performs several shows each year sharing their renditions of popular music, classic country, light rock, folk, Americana and original compositions. They are known for their crisp harmonies and creative instrumentation and arrangements.

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Call: 218-387-3163