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Ham Run Half Marathon, 5K Run & Little Runts Run - Gunflint Trail

Saturday, May 6, 2017 10:00 am

Ham Run Half Marathon
Gunflint Trail, MN

Imagine a run where the beauty of the wilderness surrounds you.
Where only a few buildings dot the landscape and none block out the sky. Where cell phones won’t ring and distant traffic can’t be heard. A one of a kind race that travels along a National Scenic Byway that winds its way through the Superior National Forest on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
Granite outcroppings, roadside ponds and bubbling creeks welcome you to the great outdoors.

The Ham Run takes place miles from the nearest town in a pristine wilderness where moose, wolves and deer roam. Eagles soar overhead and loons can be heard calling in the distance.
Nature surrounds you with each step you take on this journey.

There are very few places on the earth as beautiful as the Gunflint Trail and there is no other race course like it in the world. It is a special place that must be treated with respect and protected for future generations to enjoy. We tread lightly and in doing so we make as little impact as possible.

Ham Run Half-Marathon Ham Run 5k Little Runts Run

A logo with a pig on it and the name “Ham Run” may not seem fitting for a race in Northeastern Minnesota.
The race started the year after the Ham Lake Fire ravaged the Gunflint Trail. To commemorate the coming together of the community and the greening up of the forest in the springtime as well as in the areas affected by the fire the Ham Run.

Average high temperatures for May are 67 degrees and average low temperature is 41 degrees so please dress accordingly.

For more information visit the web page
Jen Schuler at jchuler@duluthymca.org
Cook County YMCA
Grand Marais, MN 55604

For more information
Visit: http://www.cookcountyymca.org/healthyliving/ham-run-half-marathon/#tab-4
Call: 218-387-3386
Email: jschuler@duluthymca.org