ATVing in Cook County MN

Experiencing the Superior National Forest with an ATV can be a great way to reach some of the more remote areas of the region. In Cook County MN, there are numerous trails and backcountry roads available for recreational vehicle riding but it is important to pick up a copy of the US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps and follow the road signs to make sure you are on authorized ATV/OHV trail. It is important to remember to respect both private and public land. Stay on the designated trails and areas to ensure ATV usage in the future. 


You can download an online copy of the Superior National Forest Service ATV map below and/or stop by our Information Centers for more details on where to ride.

Highlights regarding OHV
Use Refer to the Motor Vehicle Use Maps for details, but here are some highlights of which you should be aware.

  • These regulations pertain to any vehicle designed for off-highway use traveling within the Superior National Forest, with the exception of snowmobiles.
  • Travel is permitted only on the roads or trails which are shown on the map.
  • No cross country travel is permitted.
  • State regulations regarding OHVs apply in the National Forest.
  • Seasonal restrictions are indicated on the map.
  • The maps are the final authority on use.
  • Maps are updated annually. Make sure yours is current.
  • Respect posted and unposted closures.
  • Motor Vehicle Use Maps show permitted use only within the Superior National Forest. Features outside the Forest are only shown as a courtesy: some roads and trails may not be shown; permitted use and restrictions are neither shown nor implied.

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