Inland canoeing and kayaking trips

Inland canoeing and kayaking trips

There’s a reason people have been canoeing here for thousands of years and the popularity of kayaking has grown. Cook County gleams with thousands of pristine inland lakes and countless miles of routes, and is the scenic gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness/BWCAW in Superior National Forest and Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  National Geographic called paddling the Boundary Waters one of America’s 100 best adventures. On an overnight trip or a leisurely day kayaking trip, explore crystal-clear waters via kayak or canoe.

Boundary Waters Expo

Fishing can be a tranquil (and tasty) activity to combine with your paddling trip.

Discover your dream lake(s)! Visit the MN DNR LakeFinder to find more on your dream lake.

Canoe trip outfitting help make your BWCAW dream trip a reality. Newbies and seasoned canoe travelers alike turn to expert Cook County canoe trip outfitters to get the most out of their BWCAW vacation. Your outfitter starts by finding out what you would like from your wilderness trip. How many days do you have (your outfitter can also help with entry permits)? How far do you want to go? Then, using their experience and knowledge of the area, they’ll help you plan your trip, even pointing out great campsites and fishing holes.

Learn more about canoe trip outfitting or find a canoe outfitter.

Family friendly
Canoe camping is a great way to connect with family and nature, away from the distractions and flurry of everyday life. Canoe outfitters assist in trip planning, paddling and camping equipment instructions, taking the ages of the group members into consideration.

BYO Canoe
Canoes are a traditional, family-friendly form of transportation in Cook County. Here, you can even take a class to build your own canoe.

Relax. Breathe. Look for wildlife (especially the elusive moose) or drop a line in the water. Take only photos and leave only footprints. Share your love of nature with your children or your sweetheart. Revel in the peace and adventure to be found in our great outdoors.

And be prepared. Paddling here can be habit-forming.