Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

In our area, every kind of weather has its own unique beauty!

Relish a rainy day and relax to the sound of raindrops and the slower pace these showers bring.

Here is a short list of rainy day activities to enjoy when a cloud rolls in on your vacation:

  1. Definitely check out our local Y, where the kids can enjoy the pool, and mom and dad can get in a brisk workout. (
  2. Visit and browse our award winning Grand Marais Public Library, and check out the children’s area.  When’s the last time you enjoyed a Dr. Seuss classic too?
  3. In Tofte, go to the North Shore Fishing Museum, and on the way, observe the waves on Lake Superior. You will have a whole new appreciation of what the commercial fishermen went through in their skiffs to bring the fresh whitefish and herring to shore.  Their entire families helped with the net making, fish cleaning, packaging, and fish house chores.  Cold hands made many warm hearts and hearty meals. (
  4.  Then, head to one of our area outlets and buy smoked fish. Most children love the salty, wonderful flavor. What’s your favorite type of fish to eat?
  5.  The Johnson Heritage Post ( and Cook County Historical Museum  ( have fascinating displays which reflect our area’s rich history.  Hours will fly by as you view various historical treasures – the lightkeeper’s house museum contains the optic glass from the Grand Marais Harbor’s historic lighthouse!
  6.  Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center, at the end of the Gunflint Trail has fascinating and interactive historical information and flora and fauna displays and activities.  And guess what? On the drive up the scenic Gunflint Trail, chances are great that you’ll spot a moose, as they love the cool, wet weather. (
  7.  In Grand Portage, the new state park headquarters are beautiful! The Anishinaabe culture comes alive before your eyes as you gain appreciation about their rich heritage. (  Then, make sure your next stop is at the Grand Portage National Monument. You will travel into the past to explore more of the Ojibwa people and their history. The structures are an accurate construction of the North West Company’s fur trading outpost, where the voyageur’s launched into our area for trading. The voyager village and visitor’s center are stuffed with wonderful history, and you’ll feel like you can still hear a drum echoing over Grand Portage bay. (
  8.  The North House Folk School is always a welcoming spot! Head to the campus to check out what someone is making.  There is always something going on! You’ll be signing up for a class in no time, and kids love simply witnessing happy hands creating loved objects and items. (
  9.  Purchase books written by our area authors and snuggle down to read with your children.  No. 1 on the list of time well spent with your family!
  10.  The Gunflint District US Forest Service building in Grand Marais has a large collection of animal mounts imaginatively arranged. This is a comprehensive display of our area’s wildlife.  Kids love looking at the beautiful, large wolf! ( The ranger station is free and open to the public, at 2020 West Highway 61, and there are additional kid friendly interpretative displays and information readily available.
  11.  Our Grand Marais Information Center has wonderful, locally themed children’s activity sheets provided by area associations and nonprofits.  Learn about Lake Superior and do word puzzles.  Color a moose and learn about its habitat.  Harbor history sheets are packed with facts and fun info for kids and parents to complete together.  And, the info center team loves to just visit with families! (
  12. What’s your favorite rainy day beverage? Something warm and soothing? Hot Chocolate? Spicy tea? Coffee? Frothy lattes?  You will find an abundance of cozy coffee shops and restaurants waiting to warm you up on a wet, cool day, as you listen to the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. Treat yourself to a homemade piece of pie.
  13. Embrace your inner artist, and visit the Grand Marais Art Colony. (   After a tour of this artistic enclave, you will be signing up for a course, and heading to one of our shops for art supplies. If tackling various artistic media is not your style, try scrap-booking, knitting, or crocheting. You will be outfitted with wonderful supplies in no time. 
  14. Research new food recipes and if you have a stovetop or oven, get messy in the kitchen!  Kids love to cook, and once they are busy with a few pots and pans, their inner Julia Child starts to just simmer away.  We have a wonderful farmers market from May through October ( whole food cooperative (, and you are sure to find the freshest ingredients there for all your culinary adventures.
  15. And last but not least, as the saying goes on the ‘shore, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.” Grab a raincoat (or go shop for one) and hit the trail! The natural color of the forest is accentuated by the rain making it a kaleidoscope of color. Additional bonus, you’ll have the forest to yourself.