Life gets pretty wild in Cook County, Minnesota. Visit the area often and keep your eyes peeled–you may see a cow moose with her calf (or twins), a bear lunching on blueberries, and hear a loon’s cry announce the end of day.

While visiting Lutsen-Tofte-Schroeder, Grand Marais, the Gunflint Trail, and Grand Portage, you could see:

  • a cow moose with her calf
  • a bear lunching on blueberries
  • a grove of towering old-growth white pine
  • a bald eagle or a gyrfalcon on the hunt

Other favorite Minnesota mammals you might see include timberwolf, fox, pine marten, lynx, black bear, beaver and otter. Keep your other senses alert, too. You might hear an owl’s hoots or the haunting warble of a loon, or sniff sun-warmed pine sap or wildflowers in bloom.

Visit often and during different seasons to experience the full range of wild things. Cook County boasts some of the best birding in the Midwest. The American Birding Conservancy named Superior National Forest one of 100 Globally Important Birding Areas. With 155 nesting species, the Superior National Forest has the greatest number of breeding birds of any national forest.

To maximize your enjoyment of our unique plants and wildlife, we suggest bringing a camera, binoculars, and a good guidebook or printed worksheets and checklists.

Kids and nature buffs will get a kick out of ticking off tree species (mountain ash, white spruce, black spruce, and sugar maple, among others), identifying northern wildflowers and fungi, and jotting down the details of animal encounters.

You might also see:

  • moose
  • whitetail deer
  • black bear
  • wolves
  • loons
  • pine marten
  • eagles
  • owls
  • songbirds
  • birds of prey
  • fox
  • lynx
  • beavers
  • otters
  • walleye, trout, pike, bass and all sorts of fish

The Plants and Wildlife page has more information on Cook County wildlife, including how to (maybe) see a moose.