What is the weather and climate like in Cook County MN?

What is the weather and climate like in Cook County MN?

Every season in Cook County has its attractions and opportunities for playing outside. You can gambol in the snow, cavort in the sunshine, and revel in the shifts of fall and spring.

Lake Superior shapes the climate of the North Shore and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness/BWCAW. And like Lake Superior herself, the weather here is capricious—sunny and warm one day, misty and cool the next. Dress in layers and check the weather forecast and you’ll be ready for fun in all seasons.

Some like it hot, others like a cool lake breezes

Midsummer in Cook County is lovely. In late July and August while in the temps in the Twin Cities metro linger in the 90-100F range, up north in the Lake Superior basin the temperature will be in the mid-70′s with a nice big lake breeze.

Top tips for keeping cool during a heat wave.

Keeping Cool, Up North Style1. Head NORTH! Thanks to Lake Superior, which acts like a natural air conditioner in the summer, the entire Arrowhead region of Minnesota remains nice and cool while the rest of the nation roasts.

2. Get near water. Pick from any number of great fresh waters lakes from the shores of Lake Superior to an inland lake at the edge of the BWCAW. Grab a canoe, a kayak, a stand-up paddle board, a fishing boat, a tube – anything that floats and get in the water. Not only will you get to explore interesting places but you’ll stay nice and cool as well – just remember to wear sunscreen.

3. Dream of winter. Coolness is a state of mind, right? Start planning your winter vacation and you’ll instantly cool off.

Many Cook County fans traditionally visit at a certain time of year. We encourage you to visit at a new time–and discover a whole new season of fun.