Northforce Job Board

Northforce is a regional initiative aimed at attracting and retaining a skilled workforce in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. It works to connect talented individuals with employers and vice versa.

The central feature of Northforce is its job board, which you can connect to through the link below. 

Click here for access to the Northforce Job Board

If Cook County employers wish to list jobs on the Northforce Job Board, they have two options:

  1. Those which have the resources to manage job board postings on their own can register at  , create a company profile and then develop job listings for positions they wish to fill.
  2. Smaller companies and those not at ease using the job board can contact the Cook County Chamber at or 218-387-2079. If the company is a Chamber member, we will develop and post job listings on your behalf. Responses from job seekers would be sent directly to you.

Questions? Email or call the Chamber, and we will be happy to discuss the Northforce Job Board with you.