Check into Cook County daily by tuning into the local webcams.

There’s always something happening in Cook County. We know you can’t wait to get up here and we wanted to provide you with a sneak peek. It’s your window into the wonderful world of Cook County. Beautiful scenery, wildlife sightings, outdoor adventures and more. But viewer beware: watching may cause a sense of wanderlust and a sudden urge to pack your bags and head north. Check out webcam videos and images from many Cook County communities, resorts and outfitters. Some of our webcams are live feeds and some update the beautiful view every 10-15 minutes.

Start making plans to experience the view in person today! 

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Click to view LIVE streaming camera of the Grand Marais harbor. Camera rotates around the harbor every 5 minutes with a new photo.
Grand Marais Harbor cam rotates around the harbor updating every 5 minutes with a new photo.
For more information, visit www.lutsenresort.compoplar-river-livestream
Birds eye view of the iconic Lutsen Resort Beach. Visit their website for a beach level view and turn volume up to hear the waves.
For more information, visit
360 degree panoramic webcam views from on top of Lutsen's Eagle Mountain. Visit site to view.
For more information, visit www.bluefinbay.comwavecam
Never miss a wave with Bluefin Bay's webcam.