Cook County Chamber of Commerce Great Place Project


The Great Place Project presents a phenomenal opportunity for Chamber members to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their businesses, thereby making our community more inviting to locals and visitors alike. The Great Place Project supports projects that fall outside the typical operational budget, encouraging creativity and innovation in beautifying the local business environment. Chamber Members are able to secure financial assistance ranging from $250-$1000 per grant. 

Applications are closed for the 2024 season. Applications for this grant are open from early April and close mid May, offering a window of opportunity for businesses to propose projects that not only elevate their premises but also contribute to the overall charm of our community. Awards will be announced the first week of June. The scope of past projects funded by the Great Place Project is broad, including the addition of benches, lawn chairs, and flower pots in front of businesses, support for mural projects, installation of bike racks, and even a ping pong table at the library lawn.

We strongly encourage all Chamber members to consider how they might leverage this grant to not only enhance their business's appeal but also to bring a more warm and welcoming feel to their businesses. Whether it's through artistic endeavors, functional improvements, or adding elements of leisure and relaxation, the Great Place Project grant represents a unique opportunity to make meaningful improvements that benefit our community as a whole. 

2024 Great Place Project Recipients:

This year the Cook County Chamber of Commerce was able to award $7,000 in funds with the help of the Cook County/Grand Marais EDA, Lutsen Tofte Tourism Association, and Grand Marais Area Tourism. We are pleased to announce that Shook, Gunflint Trail Historical Society, Superior Creamery, Voyageur Brewing, World's Best Donuts, The Big Lake, Roam & Whimsy, and Joy & Co are the 2024 winners! 

2022 Great Place Project Recipients:

Skyport Lodge & Raven Rock Grill
Cook County Historical Society
Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center 
Sivertson Gallery
Mila Horak 


2023 Great Place Project Recipients:

Greg Mueller Studios 
Superior Creamery
Grand Marais Auto Parts
Sweetwater Co.
The Blue Moose
Drury Lane Books

Generational Mural

2024: World's Best Donuts

The Blue Moose Great Place Project 2023

2023: The Blue Moose 

Superior Creamery Great Place Project 2023

2023: Superior Creamery 

Sweetwater Co Mural Great Place Project 2023

                              2023: The Sweetwater Co                                        

Drury Lane Books Great Place Project 2023

2023: Drury Lane Books

North Shore Winery Great Place Project 2022

2022: North Shore Winery 

Napa Great Place Project 2023

2023: NAPA Auto Parts 

Sivertsons Great Place Project 2022

2022: Sivertson Gallery 

Chik Wauk Museum Great Place Project 2022

2022: Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center 

Cook County Historical Society 2022

2022: Cook County Historical Society 

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