Moose Madness Family Festival | Fri-Sun, Oct. 21-23 2016

Moose Madness

Moose Madness as featured on WCCO, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets!

Let your moose loose with the Moose Madness Family Festival – a multi-day celebration of Alces alces. Check out the 2015 schedule to get an idea of what is offered each year. Download a copy here:
Moose Madness Activity Schedule

The fun starts at Moose Madness Headquarters in downtown Grand Marais:

Visitor Information Center
116 West Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604

Here are just a few of the things you can do at Moose Madness:

  • Complete crafts projects, a scavenger hunt, and other activities in order to collect Moose Bucks, which you can use to purchase treasures like a coveted “I Saw a Moose in Grand Marais” t-shirt.
  • Pick up a copy of the Moose News Tribune.
  • Visit the Lake Superior Zoomobile.
  • Take part in the inaugural Moose Madness 5k Fun Run on Pincushion Mountain, just two miles out of town. Show your race medal at Moose HQ and get a Moose Buck!
  • Later, stretch your legs with the Annual Moose Mosey, a short, kid-friendly run along the Grand Marais harbor. 
  • Compete in a family geocaching contest — no experience necessary!
  • Attend the Mocha Moose Cafe & Poetry Salon and the outdoor, fireside “Full Moose” Reading. Then watch the full moon rise over Lake Superior!
  • Don’t forget about the Moose Medallion Hunt. Follow clues and search for the Hidden Medallion for a chance to win the grand prize: a stay at the Mangy Moose Motel in Grand Marais!
  • Listen for the moose call and keep your eye out for Murray the Moose, who will be strutting through the streets of Grand Marais. He’s happy to pose for photos.
  • Plus try autumn leaves printmaking, DIY caramel apples, make your own Flat Murray, enter the moose cartoon contest, coloring contest and poetry contest, check out the moose section at the library, pose in the moose cutout, guess the number of moose droppings in a jar, and more.

For more information about Moose Madness, call 888-922-5000 or email

May the moose be with you!