Cross-Country Skiing: How far can you go?

Cross-Country Skiing: How far can you go?

Cook County, Minnesota is home to the largest cross-country trail network in North America, totaling over 400 km. There is also spectacularly scenic snowshoeing for the whole family.

Cross Country Ski Map - All systems


The cross-country skiing trail systems in Lutsen-Tofte-Schroeder, Grand Marais, the Gunflint Trail, and Grand Portage:

Lutsen – Tofte – Schroeder Area Trails | 140.5km

Grand Marais Area Trails | 52.9km

Gunflint Trail Area Trails | 210.7 km

Whether you’re an expert looking to stretch your legs and skills, a family hungry for some outdoor winter togetherness, or a couple looking for a romantic ski through the trees, the perfect path of well-groomed corduroy awaits you. Watch our winter adventure video for inspiration.

Ski you soon!