In an ongoing effort to thank and celebrate the area’s “Heart of Hospitality,” Visit Cook County wants to thank the emergency services that keep our community and visitors safe. 

From Feb. 23-25, 2023 emergency service employees and volunteers, as well as local hospitality and tourism workers, are able to get a complimentary lunch item from one of the following participating restaurants:

“In December, our area was hit by 60 mph winds and experienced power outages, we had downed trees everywhere, local buildings were damaged,” said Linda Jurek, Executive Director of Visit Cook County. “This is one way we can thank all of the community members that work hard to keep our area safe and welcoming, as well as the rest of our hospitality industry.”

Who is eligible? Emergency service employees such as electricity employees and line workers, ambulance and hospital staff, volunteer EMS, firefighters, members of the Cook County Sheriff’s department, plow truck drivers and more. Also eligible are all hospitality and tourism workers, such as front and back of house staff that work in hospitality-based industries like dining, retail, lodging, and activities. A short list includes servers, bartenders, housekeepers, receptionists, maintenance, cooks, clerks, trail groomers, managers, guides and so much more.

This event is part of a greater program initiated by Visit Cook County titled the “Heart of Hospitality” to celebrate the workers in the hospitality industry.