Lutsen Tofte Tourism Association Music Reimbursement Program

First created in 2013, this program was developed as a way of increasing live music in the area. The reimbursement offsets the expense to resorts for nights of the week that are slower offering music entertainment on nights which would not normally book entertainment.

Eligibility: The program is funded through lodging tax dollars. Lodging properties in Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder are the only entities that qualify for this music reimbursement program.

SUMMER May – October
Details: Percent reimbursements include 50% for music hosted midweek, Sunday-Thursday, and 40% for music hosted on weekends, Friday-Saturday. Reimbursements do not include anything except payments to musicians. Lodging or meals are not included. An exception is made for the Papa Charlie’s Songwriter Series in August. If available lodging is unavailable at Eagle Ridge, lodging reimbursement is allowed.
Limitations: Reimbursements are limited to paying solo musicians $200 and bands or groups $300. It should be understood that if locations choose to pay more than the set amounts, the additional expense is not part of the reimbursement.

Details: Percent reimbursements include 67% for music hosted midweek (Sunday-Thursday) and 50% for music hosted on weekends (Friday-Saturday)
Limitations: Lodging will not be reimbursed from this budget (for performers or otherwise).