Special Offers Website Feature


Program Overview:
Special Offers are featured content blocks that appear on multiple pages throughout the website. Special Offers are one of the best ways to get in front of visitors to the Visit Cook County website. 

Who is eligible? 
Any current member of Visit Cook County is eligible for Special Offers. 

What is the cost? 
Any lodging property with a pillow count of 150+ is eligible for (1) active complimentary Special Offer per month. For all other businesses or for an additional Special Offer, it is $300 annually. There is not a monthly or pro-rated option at this time. To add Special Offers to your listing, please contact kjersti@visitcookcounty.com 

How do I submit my Special Offer?
To add a special offer, log into the Partner Portal and navigate to Collateral > Special Offers. Once the page loads, you will see all current or previous offers that have been submitted to your account. To add a new offer, select “add offer” and fill out the necessary fields and select “save.” This will automatically trigger an email to Visit Cook County staff to review the offer and approve for viewing on the website. 

How often can my offer be changed? 
Offers can be changed at any time but it is recommended to run the same offer for a minimum of one month. 

Can I submit multiple offers at one time to be displayed at different times? 
Yes. You can submit multiple offers with different publish dates. If there are dates that overlap with other offers, the Visit Cook County staff will make adjustments to remove overlapping dates. 

Special Offers

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