Lutsen, Tofte & Schroeder MN

Welcome to Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder, where most journeys into Cook County begin. There’s something breathtaking about these communities. For visitors coming from the south, this is the gateway into Cook County, and it shows. The landscape is rugged. The trees are massive. The lake is always in the backdrop. Here, you’ll find welcoming communities, kind, helpful people and incredible local businesses. Stay a while to hike, bike, downhill ski and snowboard, cross country ski, snowshoe, snowmobile, fish, swim, and enjoy chatting with the locals. Use the tool below to find amazing things to do in Lutsen, Tofte and Schroeder, MN.


Your first opportunity to try local cuisine. Restaurants in Lutsen, Tofte and Shroeder truly run the gamut, encompassing mountainside eateries, lakeside grills, small local cafes and bakeries and large resort-style dining rooms.