A Birder's Guide to Cook County, MN

The boreal forest is home to the largest and most diverse array of wild birds. In recognition of its efforts to conserve wild birds and their habitats, the Superior National Forest has been named by the American Bird Conservancy as one of 100 Globally Important Bird Areas. With 155 nesting species, the Superior National Forest has the greatest number of breeding birds of any national forest!

Our birding guide will help you find the birds of Cook County, one of the best birding areas in the upper Midwest. The shore of Lake Superior and the wildlands of the northeast are natural treasures that are especially rich in birds. Descriptions of the locations can be found inside, along with information about how to make the most of your birding during each season of the year.

Notes from the Experts

We've spoken to numerous bird experts in the region. Everyone has their own secrets on how to best find the birds in the wild, but some things remain constant across the board. Submit your information for the top tips we’ve gathered from the pros.

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To preserve this region for the birds, please adhere to the Birding Code of Ethics. 

  1. Promote the welfare of birds and their environment.
  2. Respect the law and rights of others.
  3. Ensure that feeders, nest structures, and other artificial bird environments are safe.
  4. Group birding, whether organized or impromptu, requires special care.

Please follow this code and distribute it and teach others. This Code of Birding Ethics has been developed by the American Birding Association (ABA)