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Not only is being a member of Visit Cook County rewarding but it is also easy to verify your commitment to membership!

New Members:

  1. New members, complete the Membership & Listing Form or contact


Renewing Members:

  1. Review business name, address, website, contact info, images, text, and amenities
    • your listing(s) on our website 
    • your listing(s) in the visitor's guide 
  2. Changes – can be made to your listing(s) in the Partner Portal or by contacting
  3. Review the detail of benefits
  4. Complete the Membership & Listing Form*

*Renewing members, if we do not hear back from you, it is our understanding that you wish to maintain your membership with no changes to your business details. An invoice will be automatically generated and sent to you on May 1st.




Special Offers Add-on

Special Offers appear throughout the site and are featured promotions. They can be discounts, packages, or unique opportunities at your business. Only one active offer per listing is available per month, however, the contents of the offer may be changed during the month at your discretion. 

Special Offers are available to all members of Visit Cook County for $300/annually per listing. Lodging tax members with pillow counts of 150+ receive (1) complimentary special offer per month attached to a lodging listing. 

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