Minnesota’s 2024 Fishing Opener is less than two weeks away. Minnows, Leeches, and Worms
will be sold by the dozens to thousands of anxious anglers gearing-up for another open-water
season. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2022 National Survey, 1.7 million
anglers bought licenses in the state of Minnesota, and spent $5.9 billion on angling related
expenses- fishing is a “big deal” here.

With so many lakes and rivers to explore in Minnesota, it can be hard to decide where to go
each year, especially when faced with continuously changing regulations, lake conditions, and
angling pressures. If you have never given the North Shore a try for the opener, this could be
the best year to check it out.


Cook County Minnesota offers the largest variety of angling opportunities  in the entire state
with numerous inland lakes and rivers, as well as the mighty Lake Superior and its tributaries.
Whether you wish to quietly paddle across the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, bounce around
on Lake Superior, or any of the endless angling opportunities in-between- you can find it here.


Boy with walleye

Stream Trout Anglers are currently hitting the bigger rivers that feed Lake Superior in search of
Steelhead with some success. They are seeing good numbers of fish, but it is hard to get them
to bite. Currently the rivers are low and slow, with some streams barely running due to the lack
of snowfall this past winter leaving fewer pools for the fish to use to loiter in.


This season we are facing early ice-out conditions and lake levels are lower than usual. The low
water could take its toll on the Walleye spawn, affecting future populations, but typically fish bite
better since they are competing for food due to the lack of run-off entering the lakes and rivers.
Early ice-out means warmer water temperatures than normal on opening week, and fish tend to
“turn on” as the water temperatures rise. All great reasons to beat the bugs this year and give
Minnesota’s North Shore a try for the 2024 Fishing Opener.