With 450 miles of snowmobile trails that wind through the wildest, most breathtaking scenery in Minnesota, the hardest part of riding in Cook County is deciding where to head first.

Every part of the area offers something special to snowmobilers — from wilderness and solitude to Lake Superior views. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like moose, fox, coyotes and wolves.

Looking for a wild ride? The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail winds for 146 rugged miles from Grand Marais to Duluth, threading through stunning backcountry. The North Shore State Trail connects with trails in Lutsen and Tofte and numerous other locations. The Gunflint Trail boasts some of the best lakes and trails around.

Our local club, the Cook County Snowmobile Club, is active all winter long, sponsoring rides, contests and other events throughout the season. Grooming is performed weekly on most trails and more often as needed. Cook County knows how to show snowmobilers a good time with friendly small-town hospitality. Rest, refuel and resupply at family businesses with countless lodging options, restaurants, fuel and repair services, groceries and other riding supplies. This is quite possibly the perfect snowmobile vacation.

Don’t forget to check MN snowmobile regulations for a safe and smooth visit.

Grand Portage Trails

January 15, 2022
Trail Base: 6"- 8"
Average Depth: 20"- 22"

Current Trail Conditions: Jan. 15, 2022:

Snowmobile Trail/ Condition/ Last Groomed

1. Skyline Trail/ Good/ 1-15-2022

2. Rengo Road/ Good/ 1-15-2022

3. Partridge Falls/ Good/ 1-14-2022

4. Chevan’s Road/ Good/ 1-14-2022

5. Cowboy Loop/ Good/ 1-14-2022

6. Reservation River Trail/ Fair/ 1-14-2022

7. Mt. Sophie Trail/ Good/ 1-12-2022

8. Moose Ridge Trail/ Good/ 1-12-2022

9. Section 11/ CLOSED/ Caution. Skidsteer on Trail.

10. Trout Lake Trail/ Good/ 1-14-2022

11. Teal Lake Trail/ Fair/ 1-13-2022

12. Sawmill Loop/ Good/ 1-12-2022

13. 5 Dog/ Good/ 1-14-2022

14. North Lake Road/ Open Water/Packed/ 12-29-2021

15. Hollow Rock/ Good/ 1-14-2022

16. Joe’s Road/ Good/ 1-13-2022

17. To Sawmill/ Fair/ 1-14-2021

18. Teal Lake Cut Across/ Good/ 1-7-2022

19. Nika Trail/ Good/ 1-14-2022

Grand Portage Lodge & Casino - Information available at Lodge Front Desk; 218-475-2401

Gunflint Trails

January 9, 2022
Trail Base: 10"- 20"
Average Depth: 20"- 30"

Current Trail Conditions: From Cook County Snowmobile Club-Ridge Riders, Jan 9 2022: Midtrail got a nice grooming last night after that snowfall… down the G, to the lullaby, up the X and some spurs. ❄️2022 winter has been treating us well.

Firsthand Trail Report: From Bonnie Schudy via Facebook, Jan. 13, 2022: Temps warmed up took a run yesterday to Grand Portage from the Gunflint Trail Should have waited a day, Cook County Ridge Riders groomed the trail today. Nice anyway to get out and put 127 miles on. The food was excellent at Grand Portage Casino; lunch served noon - 2. Thanks to all the groomers who keep these trails in excellent condition! #grandportage #cookcountyridgeriders #gunflinttrail.

The Cook County Snowmobile Club welcomes you to the beautiful North Shore of Minnesota! Whether you are sledding with your pals or family, we have many miles of well-groomed trails that are sure to please any "sledder." Our trails are interconnected with many miles of state snowmobile trails. Be sure to be on the lookout for abundant wildlife that may cross your path including moose, wolves, coyotes and fox. We offer many winter activities and gatherings throughout the season. Come join us for cookouts, club rides, our annual kick off party (not to be missed), drag races, poker runs and annual Trout Derby. The Cook County Ridge Riders is an organization that strives to be family-friendly. We are dedicated to snowmobiling and safe family fun. Be sure to print out our schedule of activities as not to miss out on the winter fun! We look forward to seeing you!

Lutsen Trails

January 14, 2022
Trail Base: 12"- 22"
Last 7 Days: 1"
Average Depth: 25"- 45"

Current Trail Conditions: From Steve Hahn w/Lutsen Trailbreakers Snowmobile Club, Jan 14, 2022: 95% of the Lutsen system has been groomed this week and trails are in excellent condition. Again, with the “exception” of the section of the Beaver trail known as The Ridge. We are currently working on the fabrication of the new winch mount to handle the enormous pulling power of our new winch, as our previous winch failed and left us stranded. Note: please Do Not attempt this section of trail unless you are a highly experienced rider with a sled for deep snow or “you will get stuck.” As always ride respectfully and tread lightly. Save the trails for the next riders!

C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail

January 13, 2022
Trail Base: 4"- 7"
Average Depth: 13"- 32"

Current Trail Conditions: Jan. 13, 2022: Conditions: Good. Parts of the trail will be groomed Thursday and Sunday night. The entire trail will be groomed Friday and Saturday night. DNR Trail Conditions Here.

The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail is a 146 mile natural surface trail from Duluth to Grand Marais. The trail runs through St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota, winding its way through the forests on the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior. The trail provides access to some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in Minnesota. In winter, the trail connects with hundreds of miles of snowmobile club trails and many communities in the area.

About C.J. Ramstad: Known as "Mr. Snowmobiling," C.J. Ramstad (1945-2007) was a passionate, highly respected journalist and photographer in the off-road community. For nearly 40 years he dedicated his life to the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of Minnesota snowmobiling and off-road riding. His tireless efforts ensured that trails, and the access they provided, were open for all to enjoy. Ramstad often declared the North Shore State Trail a "treasure," and a favorite among the many he traveled.

Requires MN "State Trail" Snowmobile Permit Sticker, this is an addition to the regular registration. You are required to have this permit only if you are riding the designated MN State Trail System or a Grant-In-Aid Trail. This includes the Gunflint Snowmobile Trail System and the Expressway Trail near Devil Track Lake. Grand Portage Trail system does not require this permit. See more information about Minnesota State Snowmobile Trail permit requirements and how to purchase Here

Getting There:

Duluth: From I35, take the 21st Ave. east exit to Woodland Ave. Turn right on Woodland Ave, follow to the Martin Rd., turn right. Parking is half mile down on the right.

Normanna Road: From Duluth take Cty. 37 north to Cty. 44, turn right, proceed for 1.2 miles, right on Cty. 38, lot is 1 mile east on left.

Two Harbors: From Hwy. 61 go north on Cty. 2 for 7 miles, right on Twp. 25, lot on right.

Beaver Bay: From Hwy. 61 go north on Cty. 4 which turns into Forest Highway 11, 9.5 miles on right.

Finland: From Highway 61, take Highway 1 to Finland, turn right on County Road 7, trail is one and one half miles on the right.

Lutsen From Hwy. 61 take Cty. 4 north for six miles, lot on right.

Contact: Phone: (218) 834-1430. Email: info.dnr@state.mn.us. Contact hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Tofte Trails

January 6, 2022
Trail Base: 6'- 18"
Average Depth: 16"- 26"