Grand Portage

March 9, 2019
Trail Base: 16" -18"
Last 24 Hours: 2"
Last 7 Days: 3"-5"
Average Depth: 34" - 36"
All trails are reported to be in good condition and were most recently groomed between 2/27/19 and 3/9/19. Teal Lake Trail and Cowboy Loop are packed and in very good condition. The trail to the Arrowhead and Trout Lake Trail are in good to very good condition. Note:, the West End of Reservation River Trail is closed for logging. The east end is groomed and remains open. Enjoy and ride safe!

Gunflint Trails

March 17, 2019
Trail Base: 15 - 17"
Last 24 Hours: Trace
Last 7 Days: 6"
Average Depth: 30" - 32"

Grooming Update: March 17 - From Cook County Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club: “Here is our latest trail update. With rain last week and warmer temps our trails managed to stay pretty good. We did groom the G trail last night but it was a rough go as the tracks dig deeper than the drag but it ended up working. The state trail was in good shape and we tried to go but needed to turn around. Gunflint area was colder and was groomed yesterday. Reports from riders is the trails are in good shape. We will keep you posted next week as temps are to rise again on grooming Thank you all for your support this season.”

"The trails are the best they have 40 years of coming up every year for a week they are perfect.” A compliment from a customer up the trail who rides a lot. With that being said and the winter looks like it will stick around for a while and we could have great March riding, however, we operate on grants and donations to keep it going and we will groom into the season as long as we can. Check out the Cook County Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club web page to see how to donate or become a member.

Contact Forrest Parsons, president of the Ridge Riders snowmobile club at 218-388-2265, or email the club for the most up to date trail information,

Lutsen Trails

March 10, 2019
Trail Base: 28"
Last 24 Hours: Trace
Last 7 Days: 3"-6"
Average Depth: 24"-47"

Grooming Update; March 9: Larry, our Lutsen Snowmobile Guru states: With warmer weather and rain in the forecast, I have made the decision to suspend grooming operations for the early part of this week.T his decision was made after evaluating the trails during a recent ride. They stood up remarkable well after last weekend's use. Everywhere I rode was in good condition. Experience shows me that more harm than good will be done to the trails if we groom them now, with the temperatures predicted to drop again. They tend to turn into Hockey rinks. Fear not! Just as soon as the temperatures drop again we will be back out polishing the trails to their usual Fantastic Condition! Regards, Larry

C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail

March 14, 2019
Trail Base: 8"-14"
Last 24 Hours: Trace
Last 7 Days: 3"-5"
Average Depth: 15"-40""

Grooming Update: March 14 - Due to rain, the trail was NOT groomed Tuesday - Thursday. However the entire trail is slated to be groomed again on Friday & Saturday night. Spring like trail conditions exist. Please use caution while riding and remember it only takes a few sleds to go over a freshly groomed section of trail to make it look like we haven't been out grooming.

The North Shore State Trail is groomed five days a week on a rotating basis:

Monday: Finland/Two Island River Rd to Caribou Lot (County Road 4).

Tuesday: Caribou Lot to Grand Marais.

Wednesday: Finland/Two Island River Rd to Caribou Lot.

Friday Night: Finland/Two Island River Rd to Caribou Lot & Caribou Lot to Grand Marais.

Saturday Night: Finland/Two Island River Rd to Caribou lot & Caribou Lot to Grand Marais.

The C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail is a 146 mile natural surface trail from Duluth to Grand Marais. The trail runs through St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota, winding its way through the forests on the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior. The trail provides access to some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in Minnesota. In winter, the trail connects with hundreds of miles of snowmobile club trails and many communities in the area.

About C.J. Ramstad: Known as "Mr. Snowmobiling," C.J. Ramstad (1945-2007) was a passionate, highly respected journalist and photographer in the off-road community. For nearly 40 years he dedicated his life to the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of Minnesota snowmobiling and off-road riding. His tireless efforts ensured that trails, and the access they provided, were open for all to enjoy. Ramstad often declared the North Shore State Trail a "treasure," and a favorite among the many he traveled.

Requires MN "State Trail" Snowmobile Permit Sticker, this is an addition to the regular registration. You are required to have this permit only if you are riding the designated MN State Trail System or a Grant-In-Aid Trail. This includes the Gunflint Snowmobile Trail System and the Expressway Trail near Devil Track Lake. Grand Portage Trail system does not require this permit. See more information about Minnesota State Snowmobile Trail permit requirements and how to purchase at .

Tofte Trails

February 21, 2019
Trail Base: 17"-24"
Last 24 Hours: 4 - 6"
Last 7 Days: 7"
Average Depth: 15"- 40"
Grooming continues. Enjoy over 30 miles of snowmobiling between Tofte and Lutsen. Trails reported to be in very good shape.